Inspiring meaningful lives by connecting people to their purpose

Too many people report feeling disconnected to the things that matter most. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific research, we’re out to change that! Learn everyday practices that help you to thrive and drive the change you want to see in the world!

posify (v.): to positively

improve (self or other) with purpose

Posify your life

Connect to your purpose and build a life you’re proud of with our range of tools and resources designed with you in mind.

Posify your school

Build a resilient, emotionally intelligent and purpose-driven generation with our range of keynotes, programs and resources for students, teachers and families.

Posify your workplace

Lead the way with a purpose-driven culture and gain a competitive edge in the 21st Century workforce with our range of organisational services.
Uncover the things that light you up, that matter the most and speak to who you are at your core. Your unique set of strengths, beliefs and values drive the things that are most significant to you; your connection with others and the world around you. Learn to inspire your imagination, strengthen your creativity and nourish the people, places and practices that make your heart sing.
From simple daily smiles to global purpose projects, we know you have the power to thrive and make a difference. Learn secrets from the science on what makes for a meaningful life and turn insights into action using the latest design thinking and sustainable change methodologies. Uncover your unique purpose and use your big ideas for positive impact!
In understanding ourselves, we are better placed to serve others. Piecing together patterns and themes of our lives enables us to create a personal narrative that helps explain why we do what we do. Learn psychological tools and evidence-based practices that promote realistic optimism for an authentic self-story that helps you flourish.

Why purpose?

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the reported increase in work satisfaction that purpose brings

Purpose-driven organisations have staff who are more engaged, more creative and more productive!

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of Australian workforce report to be thriving

That leaves 81% of us with more room for meaning and purpose!
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of Millenials spend more on brands they see supporting the causes they care about

The next generation is all about impact, and their loyalty comes down to purpose.

Did you know?

Purpose driven companies often outperform their non-purpose driven competitors, driving what some call the purpose economy, or the purpose revolution.

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What do you want to posify?