Preparing people for impact

Supporting your people’s needs.

Growing their collective potential.

Why Impact?

Good for Business. Good for the world.

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the reported increase in work satisfaction that purpose brings

Purpose-driven organisations have staff who are more engaged, more creative and more productive!

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of Australian workforce report to be thriving

That leaves 81% of us with more room for meaning and purpose!
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of Millenials spend more on brands they see supporting the causes they care about

The next generation is all about impact, and their loyalty comes down to purpose.

How We Drive Impact

Our IMPACT framework is designed to help you launch your people into their potential, for individual and organisational impact that benefits the world.

The framework considers the dynamic inter-relationship between three human needs of employees, and three culture characteristics that promote human potential.

Our Services

Working collaboratively with your leadership team, we take an appreciative approach to identifying your people and culture strengths and needs, offering bespoke evidence-informed solutions that integrate with your existing strategies and culture to drive human potential and impact across all areas of your organisation.

Growing the Next Generation of IMPACT Leaders

We know that to drive a sustainable future, we need to be preparing tomorrow’s generation of IMPACT leaders, today. That’s why, in addition to our corporate services, we offer workshops, programs and teacher resources for schools. Through our two key programs, Leading With Purpose and The Purpose Passport, we draw on the science of human flourishing, design thinking methodology and the latest in career development theory to foster well-being, purpose, career optimism, and future skills development, helping to prepare our next generation for the jobs of the future.

Gain a glimpse into our Purpose-Driven leadership program in the below highlights videos.

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IMPACT in action

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