We connect you to your purpose, because:

POSsibilities open IF and when you find and follow your whY

 Photo courtesy of  Sara cooper media

Photo courtesy of Sara cooper media

Our Why...

We exist to ‘posify’ lives – to positively infuse lives with purpose.

Motivated to boost wellbeing in our communities, we seek to inspire and educate others about the positive psychology principles of purpose so that together, we can all craft our most meaningful lives.

Drawing on the science of happiness and wellbeing, we unpack the practical ways individuals and teams can craft their own purpose projects, whilst gaining skills to improve their wellbeing and boost their optimism.

Our Services

Posify Your Life


We offer one-to-one coaching sessions, both face-to-face and online, to guide individuals through the process of change, drawing on the science of happiness to arm our clients with the tools and strategies that best suit their lifestyle and goals.

Posify Your School


Drawing on the science of positive psychology & education, we support school communities to thrive. From NESA endorsed Professional Development to student workshops and parent information sessions, we tailor our services to meet your needs and goals.

Posify Your Workplace

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Our workplace workshops, strategic planning sessions and individual coaching assist workplaces in identifying their overarching organisational purpose, and fostering their people's strengths and skills, which uniquely contribute to optimal performance.


“Working with a coach helps to ensure your ideas land effectively and can really boost your confidence. The Posify Group helped me to achieve just this!” 

- Amba Brown, author of book series, Finding Your Path

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