Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Purpose Journey

Goals, goals, goals!!

The New Year calls for a time to reflect on the things that did and didn’t work in the year gone by and plan for changes that will better reflect our best possible selves. But with so many goals to choose from, coming up with a few key ones can seem like an impossible mission. Unless that is, they’re grounded in purpose. In this article, we explore 3 steps to help you kickstart your purpose journey.

We know from the science of positive psychology that a meaningful life is a predictor of well-being and happiness. But finding your meaning doesn’t just happen; it’s through asking questions and trying new things that your purpose presents itself. As we welcome in 2018, we invite you to start the year and its endless possibilities with a little bit of purpose planning. Here are three steps you can take to start your own purpose journey:

1. Gather Stories

Reflect back on 2017. What events and experiences, good or bad, stood out for you? List as many moments you can think of: the conversations you’ve had, the people you’ve been influenced by, the places you’ve visited, the activities and interests you’ve pursued. Aim for ten to fifteen moments that you can remember in detail and that bring about a particular feeling when you recall them. 

2. Find Themes

Now circle three to five moments that really stood out. Look for moments that made a difference in your year. Memories and stories that hold emotions can offer more information about the values that guide your purpose, so look for these. As you recall these moments, see if you can find common themes. For example, your stories might be filled with opportunities where you were able to lead, to love, to connect, to inspire, or to create. 

3. Get Specific

Now that you have a handful of meaningful memories, take note of what was happening, where you were and why, and who you were with. Which of those specific parts of the story stand out? In looking amongst the details, you’re searching for clues that point to your meaning and purpose: the things that got you excited, that got you thinking and dreaming. Catch them and note them down. 

Now set some goals.

When it comes to setting your goals, reflect back on the above. Which of your stories do you wish you could re-live and which would you like to recreate? Is there room for growth through learning? Maybe you’d like to follow up on a conversation you’ve had or find out more about something that sparked your interest? Create goals that build on moments that made you curious. Curiosity leads you to closer to your passions, and from your passions, you’ll discover your purpose. 

Don’t let goal setting overwhelm you. Check out our article, ‘Get Real About Goal Setting’, for tips on writing strong goals, and then, in the words of Oprah Winfrey, “step into the new story you are willing to create”.

So grab a pen and paper, a quiet space and an open mind, and start your purpose journey today.

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