8 Reasons to Posify Your Life

Simon Sinek speaks of Finding your Why, Oprah refers to Answering The Call and Danielle La Porte encourages Conscious Goal Setting. Regardless of the name, these big thought leaders are onto something and the world is listening.

We’re facing a pivotal point in time, with some of the largest political, environmental, social and technological disruptions since the industrial revolution. It’s time to call on our unique strengths and contribute to the success of this change to ensure a flourishing future.

How do we do this? We Posify. We positively infuse ourselves and others with purpose. True, we made up the word, but we have not made up the science that backs its value.



Research suggests that a sense of purpose anchors individuals with a central mission that aligns them with their values. It facilitates a self-organising directedness that according to positive psychologists, Mcknight and Kashdan, “stimulates goals, manages behaviours, and provides a sense of meaning.”

Here are 8 good reasons provided by the experts as to why you should dedicate time to finding and pursuing your purpose: 

  1. Higher life satisfaction
  2. Stronger social relationships
  3. Stronger physical health
  4. Increased self-esteem
  5. Increased positive emotions
  6. Increased generativity
  7. Decreased somatic complaints (including headaches and stomach aches)
  8. Reduced likelihood to develop depression

The desire to ‘posify’ makes sense to us. The benefit is hidden in the word. POS – IF – Y. Experience a POSitively enhanced life IF and when you find and follow your whY.  

How many different aspects of your life are you ready to infuse with purpose? Get in touch today to see how applying the science of purpose can positively infuse your life!

The Posify Group deliver face to face workshops, events and coaching to assist individuals and organisations discover and utilize their unique purposes through applying evidence-based interventions discovered through the science of positive psychology.

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