Purposeful Women Series – Olivia Stambouliah

Welcome back to our Purposeful Women Series, where we are celebrating women that continue to inspire us through their gritty pursuit of purpose. Yesterday, we spoke with the positively deviant Dr Suzy Green. If you missed her words of wisdom, you can check them out here. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to one of Australia’s fiercely driven and unashamedly purpose driven females, Actress and Director Olivia Stambouliah.



The arts industries have long attracted individuals with a burning desire to share their stories and those of others. Hollywood has certainly contributed to the conversation of equality this past 12 months. One woman we admire for her fierce and innovative approach to telling timely and powerful stories is Australian Director and Actor, Olivia Stambouliah. Olivia is currently in L.A, so we were very grateful that she found the time to join us in conversation and share her hopes for our young women.

Olivia, your initiative “The Goods Theatre Company” shares daring ideas through productions that promise to live on long after the curtain falls. We admire your innovative approach and contribution to the independent theatre landscape.

It is the most rewarding venture to create. your. own. work. 

From handpicking creatives, to curating the types of stories you want to tell, the independent theatre sector thrives on artists with the initiative to generate innovative, inclusive and imaginative productions. 

Tell us about the moment you first connected with this purpose of creating meaningful productions.

My interest in pursuing this path came purely from my being an avid audience member. Watching so many incredible productions both homegrown and international, I was inspired to find my own voice to contribute. 

What characteristics do you believe young women would benefit from as they embark on their own purpose journey?

Taking the genesis of an idea and turning it into a reality can seem mighty daunting. It is at first. However,  one phrase that has helped me is COURAGE is FEAR IN ACTION. 

We can all be paralyzed by the what if’s, but it is in the trying we triumph.

Try not to compare your path to others. Everybody has a different trajectory and YOURS is UNIQUE. Certainly, Take inspiration from the people you admire but BUILD your OWN path. Also never take no for an answer. If you want it, FIND A WAY. 

What wish do you have for the young women of today?

I wish we can see one another as allies not a threat. We have lived in such a misogynistic mindset for so long that the paradigm of win/lose has been set. Let’s smash that with INCLUSION rather than EXCLUSION.

A powerful message to end on Olivia; we are strong advocates of the value of collaboration over competition. Thank you so much for your insightful contribution and all you do to foster purpose in the creative arts industry. It’s been lovely catching up.

For more information about Olivia and her work, head over to www.thegoodstheatrecompany.com.au

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 3 of our Purposeful Woman Series where we’ll be introducing you to Amba Browne, the talented author of the Finding Your Path Series.

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