3 Changes You Can Make Now To Develop Your Self Compassion

In today’s fast paced and often competitive world, many of us believe that getting ahead requires us to use self-criticism and harsh judgement as a way to lean into the best versions of ourselves.  Our self-talk is often littered with “could, should and would haves”, all with good intentions and hopes of driving us forward into the biggest versions of ourselves, but with the undesired outcomes of increased stress and suffering.

When it comes to bracing ourselves against inevitable setbacks and the tough times life throws at us, self-compassion offers an alternative approach. We learn to accept that suffering and inadequacies are part of our make up the human condition and that each and every one of us, including ourselves, are worthy of compassion. It takes practice, but learning to approach our own suffering with kindness and empathy activates our innate caregiving systems that produce a flow on effect of feel-good hormones. The result? Decreased stress, increased productivity, curiosity, connectedness and happiness.

This month, we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with the inspiring, empowering, & purpose-driven organisation, Thrivhers, to bring you the science of self-compassion as a part of their Wellness, Wealth and Work Series. Mariane has shared a guest post over on their blog on 3 Changes You Can Make Now To Develop Your Self Compassion, and on 30th June, 7pm AEST, we’ll be launching the Thrivhers Wellness Wealth and Work webinar series with a workshop on How to Develop Your Self-Compassion – a Powerful Tool for a Thriving Life (did we mention this one’s FREE? Click here to register).

So if you’re keen to learn how to:

  • Slay that inner critic
  • Bring Calm to the chaos
  • Adopt daily habits that boost your optimism and wellbeing
  • Build resilience that will help you face inevitable setbacks
  • Develop and deliver your purpose work with confidence and pride

then be sure to head over to Thrivhers and check out our blog, join us for our free webinar, and peruse the other valuable advice given by the thrivhers who have shared their journey in pursuing thir purpose persuits!

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