Three Essential Ingredients for a Female-Driven Start Up

As babies gurgled in the back rows and presenters literally stepped around toddlers playing on the front stage floor, the community of Mums and Co. came together at MPower 2018 to discuss pain points and share practical strategies to empower female business owners. From tips on driving innovation to managing finances, from content creation to social media hacks, the line-up of business minds had us all bursting with creativity and filling our notepads with practical tips and tricks.

Running your own business and founding a start-up is no latte sipping, yoga stretching enterprise. For many female business owners, the dream is to take charge of both their family and professional lives. A mean mission, given that despite the changing trend for dad’s to become more actively involved, recent research shows that a gender gap still emerges with the start of a new family, with women picking up an additional 2 hours of work per day compared to an average of 40 minutes for men.  So why are more and more women pushing through this juggle and pursuing their own paths? Carrie Kwan, CEO of Mums and Co. asked her panel of experts Kirstin Bouse, Diem Fuggersberger and Kristy Chong to share what drives them.

Each of these women clearly had their own unique stories and backgrounds into what led them to start up their own business. Whilst the start-up stories differed, the drive that pushed them forward and kept them in the game shared a similar theme. They each had discovered and delivered on a very clear purpose.

“I could never find anything on the market that suited my kids. I wanted to launch a product that my fussy perfect eater would eat. She wanted everything handmade and clean. And Lucas was born with lots of allergies” shared Diem Fuggersberger. Her business Coco Lucas was born out of a desire to feed the needs of her two children and help other families wishing to do the same. What drives her now is an additional purpose do her bit for the environment through the company’s commitment to using biodegradable packaging. Coco Lucas makes a sustainable difference with food.

Kirstin Bouse feels called to support and work with ambitious mums. “We need to recognise that the way we (women) do business is as valuable as men and we do have a right to be at the table and be heard” says Kristin. And as a clinical psychologist, she is well positioned to remind us that we also need nourish ourselves. “Self-care isn’t just about traditional exercise. The best thing you can do is put boundaries in place. Take charge and take responsibility for the bottom line things we always miss”.

So how does a woman juggle the demands that come with starting a new business and maintain her family as a top priority?

“When I started my business, I doubled my load”

shares Kristy Chong, who credits her success to strategic planning and her ability to build and surround herself with a support crew. “I go to mentors to help me understand those challenges. I’m not doing it on my own any more. Not one person will give you all the advice.”

These women spoke to three essential components that empower women on their path to a successful and fruitful career: Know your purpose, nurture and nourish your wellbeing and seek out friends, family and professionals who will support, celebrate and strengthen you.

 Photo credit @wonderbirthing
Photo credit @wonderbirthing

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