Changing Careers. When Life Transitions Call for More Meaning.

Each month, we’ll be interviewing people who have uncovered what’s meaningful to them, and embarked on purpose driven projects, both in and out of work. We call these people our “Impact Influencers” and when it comes to uncovering what you stand for, we hope you’ll be inspired by their journeys.

Meet this month’s Impact Influencer, Maya Broers.

As conversations with Impact Influencers often prove, significant life events leave even the most satisfied looking for something different. Maya Brors had enjoyed two decades of a successful career as a singer and casting consultant for Mullinars. Both pursuits fuelled her purpose: to use the art of communication to foster meaningful connections. But when Maya became a mum, family values became her new, preferred talking point. Maya said “I knew it was time to make a change. I didn’t want to go back to my previous work. It would have taken me away from my children. I wanted to spend more time with them.” A deep understanding of her purpose offered Maya the curious and nimble mindset required to uncover her next project.

Maya’s journey below identifies three significant goal posts for those of us uncovering our own purpose.

Identify the problem ready to be solved

Maya observed the challenges young families were having connecting and sharing with each other, and the impact technology was having on relationships. “We have to be careful that we don’t lose the art of face to face conversation with each other.” Maya said, taking a breath as if considering the gravity of this concern. “Meeting one another face to face fuels us as human beings. It makes us happy. Meeting up with our friends triggers all those lovely feel good endorphins that make us feel like we belong, and that we are loved. We need to be conscious of that with our next generation. We don’t want to get stuck taking the easy way out with technology. There needs to be a balance.” In establishing a problem to be solved, Maya recognised her desire to support people to connect.

Adopt an open mind to try new things

Though passionate about the art of communication, Maya assured me that passion alone didn’t help uncover her purpose, trial and error did. Of getting started, Maya said “Take that step forward to try something new, and look for opportunities that come as a result. I found that by saying yes to things I never would have considered, I gave myself the chance to see what fit best, what felt right. I knew I was onto something when I got that butterfly buzz, that feeling helped me realise when I was doing something that really sparked and excited me.” Understanding what excited her, she was able to spot the next opportunity.

“Take that step forward to try something new, and look for opportunities that come as a result.

Be guided by your values

Saying yes to so many things can seem overwhelming. Remember though, Maya had already identified family as a driving value for her desire to find new work. At a personal level, Maya and her husband had recognised that parenthood had placed their own meaningful conversations as a couple on hold. But she didn’t stay in problem mode for long. Maya placed an order for a box of conversation starters through FuelBox, a company designed to strengthen individuals and relationships through play. A night with her husband and a box filled with rich and wonderful questions sparked an evening of fun and laughter. Maya thought “I can’t be the only person who feels like this, who wants to reconnect with the people I love the most. If this can help me, it can help other people.” She felt compelled to bring the product to Australia. “I couldn’t sleep. It kept nagging at me, knowing that the family box could enable people to have connections at home. It was trying it myself that really made me take the leap.”

Maya’s purpose driven work

Maya’s ability to identify a problem, willingness to try new things and awareness of her personal values, skills and strengths led her to take on the role of the Australian representative for FuelBox. She admits it’s not always easy. Working remotely from home, Maya intentionally looks for opportunities to connect with like minded business people, and insists that an openness to learning and growing from feedback is vital for business. Through inevitable business challenges, Maya shares that her purpose, to help others communicate and connect at a deeper level, drives her forward. If you’d like to learn more about FuelBox, and get in touch with Maya, you can reach out to her here.

On her hopes for the next generation now, Maya shared “I hope our kids get the chance to act on their dreams, to do something a bit out of the box”. Now there’s a purpose we share with Maya!

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