Purpose: Finding Your Why

People who reach their full potential often start their journey with a ‘Why Story’. Your ‘Why Story’ is your purpose. It creates meaning and can drive the change you wish to see within yourself, your relationships, your communities and your world.

We believe The Luminosity Youth Summit is essential for any young person looking to discover or develop their ‘Why Story’. So if you’re here, considering your application for a scholarship, then welcome. We are so excited for you because this is the start of a discovery journey that promises opportunities for a deep understanding of yourself, your strengths and your values that will guide your goals and decisions.

Finding your ‘Why Story’ starts with being honest with yourself. It involves getting clear on the values that guide you and who or what influences your decision making. It’s about considering the big issues in life and how you can make a change. To discover your Why Story journey, you must ask the big questions that will have you digging deep!

Be under no illusion, this work is tough. Exploring your ‘Why Story’ takes courage and lots of thought. It can be helpful to dive into resources and exercises that help inspire your creativity and imagination. So be sure to keep checking back to our blog regularly, as we’ll be posting resources that promise to inspire and offer practical strategies to get you started, and if you’re keen for more personalised help then connect with us today to explore how we can assist either through one to one coaching or group workshops.

Mariane Power

A former theatre maker turned therapist, Mariane has worked with young people and their families over the past 10 years. Combining her passion for storytelling and curiosity about human behaviour, her work seeks to recognise struggles, celebrate strengths and promote optimal well-being.

A current student of Newcastle University’s Masters of Clinical Psychology program, Mariane provides clinical care as a provisional psychologist and is conducting her research in the field of Positive Psychology. As a BOSTES professional development provider, Mariane assists schools in developing and implementing positive education strategies from K-12. Mariane is excited to be delivering workshops and keynotes under the recently established well-being start-up: The Posify Group.

An active member of her local community, Mariane is heavily involved with local youth initiatives, including The Luminosity Summit 2017 and is committed to supporting social ventures and community groups committed to promoting evidence based strategies for health optimisation.