5 tips to fit self-care into your hectic schedule

What happens when you put out the call to local big-hearts to share their insights, hopes and dreams for their home-town? You get love. And lots of it! Our first In Conversation event for Lots of Love featured a panel of some of our favourite Port Macquarie business owners who, in addition to sharing the purpose behind their work in our community, offered practical tips on how they prioritise their self-care amongst hectic schedules!

Below, we’ve summarised for you top tips on self-care from our local Impact Influencers who joined us on the panel with their big hearts and brilliant minds. We’d love to hear what tips work for you, and how you apply the ones below in your community!

Ask for Help

Leasa Harris, Co-Founder of Salty Crew Kiosklanded back on our shores with her husband Chris and young family following 3 years as Operations Manager for Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island. We’ve always admired Leasa’s ability to bring people together over nutritious food with her young babes on hip! Her hot tip? Ask for help. Leasa reminded us that we don’t have to do it all. We can delegate. “Sometimes you just feel so overwhelmed when your just starting out. But learning to ask for help, it’s the best thing I did many years ago, and again, I’ve had many bosses that have taught me that. That it’s ok, that we all have strengths and we all have weaknesses, but go to those people to get that help. It’s ok if you’re not good at something. drive a community focused business juggles multiple hospitality businesses with a young family.”

Build relationships

Our very own website genius Simon Bank, owner of Webstudio shared the importance of authenticity and honesty in building a tribe that’s got your back. Rather than saying yes to everything and suffering the inevitable overwhelm that can follow, Simon shared his community over competition mindset. “I’ve really valued connecting with other people in my own industry. We’ve made an effort to get to know one another and know each other’s strengths.” Simon’s learnt that there’s no need to fear your “competition”, rather, he encourages us all to see other creators in our space as peers that we can help and reach out to for support!

Consider how you view failure

Christie, who left the corporate advertising world to take over the family business and run one of our favourite Yoga Studios, Yoga One Nine has learned to see her failures as opportunities for growth and learning, and has truly embraced adopting what psychologists call a growth mindset. “I had to do a lot of work on that. I’m an A-Type and I’m very go go go and very competitive, and I’ve really spent a lot of time focusing on failure and what it actually means”. Christie suggests that after a business or personal set-back, that we take time to sit back and consider what we could do differently next time, and what we could learn.  And the benefit? “Once I knew that I could shift how I see failure, then I could see my learning opportunities for growth and ask for help from people I respected.”  

Be intentional

Jane Hilsdon, founder of Dragonfly Marketing and Co-Host of the Miss Bossy Boots podcast keeps her body and mind in shape with a regular practice of Yin Yoga. “This puts everything in my life in perspective. It helps me focus, it helps me lean into and embrace discomfort and it helps me to relax”. Jane takes her intentionality off the mat too, with two words that help drive helpful and encouraging self-talk that’s in line with her personal and professional values. “This year I set two words. One was discipline and one was ask.” She shared that these two simple words help remind her to get out of her comfort zone and grow, with courage and compassion!  

Know what makes you happy

Our good friends Danielle and Will who founded Seed Catering spread happiness and joy through the stories and food they share, so we weren’t surprised to hear they lean heavily on moments of meaning with others for their own self care too! Danielle reminded us of the power of happiness and health as key values “We’re all so different. We all come from such different walks of life with different experiences, different stories, different futures, but we all want the same thing. So it’s like this binding thread that relates us all to one another, and by tapping into that, no matter what business you’re in, you can bring people back together and lead them to their major goals”. Yep, for these two masterchefs and big hearts, purpose fuels their self-care and business strategies, and we all benefit alongside them as a result!

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