The Power of Purpose in Preparing our Students for the Future of Work

Our rapidly changing economy is demanding flexibility around the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the jobs tomorrow. In amidst all this change, one constant will help our young people thrive – their ‘why’.

Today we had the privilege of a guest spot on Flourishing At School‘s blog, where we unpacked context for the case for fostering purpose in our students by considering the future workforce we are preparing our students for, and sharing practical ways we can start to connect our young people to their purpose for a meaningful life!

Keen to check it out? Click here to read.

Who are Flourishing at School?

The purpose of Flourishing at School is to provide preventative mental health assistance to students and staff in schools. The goal is to keep individuals well, assist to optimise wellbeing, and increase the likelihood that individuals will seek professional assistance if there is a need.


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