positive psychology

Could Meaning Mapping Make a Difference to Your Work?

Having a sense of meaning to some can seem like such a fuzzy and intangible task, especially when it comes to work. So where can you begin to uncover your meaning in work? Off the back of recent conversations with clients, we’ve pulled together these three tips below to help you kickstart your very own meaning mapping journey.

8 Reasons to Posify Your Life

We’re facing a pivotal point in time as we shift out of the industrial era and face a world of rapid change. It’s time to call on our unique strengths and contribute to the success of this change to ensure a flourishing future. How do we do that? We ‘posify’. Why? Read on to learn…

Get Real About Goal Setting

Got a big idea but just not sure how to put the steps in place to work towards it? Or perhaps you’ve got a ‘to-do’ list that feels like it’s taking over your life. Well, here are some quick tips on how to get real about goal setting to achieve your dreams!