The Power of Purpose in Preparing our Students for the Future of Work

Our rapidly changing economy is demanding flexibility around the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the jobs tomorrow. In amidst all this change, one constant will help our young people thrive – their ‘why’. Today we had the privilege of a guest spot on Flourishing At School‘s blog, where we unpacked context for the case for fostering …

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Could Meaning Mapping Make a Difference to Your Work?

Having a sense of meaning to some can seem like such a fuzzy and intangible task, especially when it comes to work. So where can you begin to uncover your meaning in work? Off the back of recent conversations with clients, we’ve pulled together these three tips below to help you kickstart your very own meaning mapping journey.

How to Craft a Meaningful Conversation With Your Teen

At a point in time where we all agree the career landscape is rapidly changing, our young people are being asked the question, “What are you going to do with the rest of your life?” much sooner. Here’s how we can disrupt this question and guide our young people to their own unique purpose-driven life.

8 Reasons to Posify Your Life

We’re facing a pivotal point in time as we shift out of the industrial era and face a world of rapid change. It’s time to call on our unique strengths and contribute to the success of this change to ensure a flourishing future. How do we do that? We ‘posify’. Why? Read on to learn…

Purpose: Finding Your Why

People who reach their full potential often start their journey with a ‘Why Story’. Your ‘Why Story’ is your purpose. It creates meaning and can drive the change you wish to see within yourself, your relationships, your communities and your world.