Positively infusing lives with purpose

Our Mission

We exist to ‘posify’ lives – to positively infuse lives with purpose.

Motivated to boost wellbeing in our communities, we seek to inspire and educate others about the positive psychology principles of purpose so that together, we can all craft our most meaningful lives.

At the heart of everything we do at The Posify Group is our desire to see others uncover their purpose and experience the joy that follows. We believe that crafting a meaningful life is not only possible but necessary for our individual wellbeing and the wellbeing of our world. A powerful ripple effect occurs when a single person within a community commits to a positive change toward their purpose. We’ve personally experienced this ripple effect and seek ways to move the ripple into a wave that changes the lives of many.

Drawing on the science of happiness and wellbeing, we unpack the practical ways individuals can craft their own purpose projects, whilst gaining skills to improve their wellbeing and boost their optimism.

The Posify Group deliver face to face workshops, events, keynotes and coaching to assist individuals, schools and organisations discover and utilize their unique purposes through applying evidence-based interventions grounded in the science of positive psychology. We promise a handcrafted experience tailored to the individual well-being needs of those we work with.

In addition to the face-to-face work that we do, we endeavour to provide relevant and engaging online content to support our mission. We hope that everyone who interacts with us, whether in person or online, leaves with renewed insight and skills that empower them to move towards crafting their most meaningful life. We aspire to a world where human flourishing is an everyday occurrence and we revel in all opportunities that lead us towards this goal.


To Posify...

The desire to posify makes sense to us. The benefit is hidden in the word. POS – IF – Y. Experience a POSitively enhanced life IF and when you find and follow your whY.

How many different aspects of your life are you ready to infuse with purpose? Get in touch today to see how applying the science of purpose can positively infuse your life!


Who Are We?

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Mariane Power

A former theatre maker turned therapist, Mariane has worked with young people and their families over the past 10 years. Combining her passion for storytelling and curiosity about human behaviour, her work seeks to recognise struggles, celebrate strengths and promote optimal well-being.

A current student of Newcastle University’s Masters of Clinical Psychology program, Mariane provides clinical care as a provisional psychologist and is conducting her research in the field of Positive Psychology. As a BOSTES professional development provider, Mariane assists schools in developing and implementing positive education strategies from K-12. Mariane is excited to be delivering workshops and keynotes under the recently established well-being start-up: The Posify Group.

An active member of her local community, Mariane is heavily involved with local youth initiatives, including The Luminosity Summit and is committed to supporting social ventures and community groups committed to promoting evidence based strategies for health optimisation.

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Jenna O'Connell

Jenna thrives on creativity, curiosity and play, and is passionate about the positive impact these activities can have on well-being and academic achievement. Jenna’s background sees an amalgam of over a decade in the corporate and education sectors across roles such as coach, facilitator, and teacher. She loves finding new ways of connecting individuals with knowledge and helping them discover their purpose.

As a K-12 educator, Jenna is driven to help young people connect with their passions and uncover their purpose. She revels in opportunities that expose students to unique ways of learning, focusing on infusing purpose and relevance into educational activities. Jenna is a proud ambassodor of and presenter at Port Macquarie based #Litfest2444; a festival that aims to break the mould of creativity and connect young minds with conventional and out of box avenues for sharing their stories. In addition to her work at The Posify Group, Jenna works as a casual relief teacher in local schools, assisting her in maintaining strong connections with ‘on-the-ground’ teaching and learning.