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What We Do

deliver face to face workshops, events, keynotes and coaching to assist individuals, schools and organisations discover and utilise their unique purposes through applying evidence-based interventions grounded in the science of positive psychology. We promise a handcrafted experience tailored to the individual well-being needs of those we work with.


We work with individuals to help them understand their strengths, discover their interests and uncover their purpose, guiding them to a more meaningful life. Whether moving through school years, adventuring out into adulthood or moving through an adult transition phase, we offer purpose-driven coaching to help individuals to thrive.


We bring our expertise in the wellbeing space to schools and individual teachers to up-skill them in the latest  research and practical strategies in bringing purpose-learning into the classroom. We also offer training and workshops that focus on staff engagement and wellbeing, supporting the whole school community to thrive. We offer a NESA endorsed "Introduction to Positive Education" workshop and work with schools to tailor wellbeing programs according to their needs.


Drawing on the science of positive psychology and child and adolescent development,  we support parents in better understanding the journey that is growing up, and how best to guide their child towards a purpose-filled life. In addition, we offer  opportunities for parents to explore their own unique purpose journeys, assisting to create families who thrive together.


We work with community groups and workplaces to create purpose-infused, thriving working environments. We offer education sessions and workshops to equip staff with knowledge and skills to boost their wellbeing at work and at home. We also offer consultancy services designed to tailor workplace wellbeing programs and strategies in order to boost productivity, staff engagement and fulfilment.