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The Posify Group deliver face to face workshops, events, keynotes and coaching to assist individuals, schools and organisations discover and utilize their unique purposes through applying evidence-based interventions grounded in the science of positive psychology. We promise a handcrafted experience tailored to the individual well-being needs of those we work with. Examples of the workshops and programs we offer include:

  • Introduction to the Science of Happiness
  • From Stress to Success
  • Building Purpose at Home, School or Work
  • Self Compassion for a Thriving Life
  • Project You: Your Purpose Journey
  • Finding Your Voice: Promoting Your Big Ideas
  • Lion Ladies: Women in Leadership
  • Happiness Hacks: How to Boost Optimism
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posify your school

We work with schools and individual teachers to tailor the science of happiness to the needs of their school so that the whole community have the opportunity to thrive. We offer a NESA endorsed 'Introduction to Positive Education' to help kick start schools off on their Positive Education journey or introduce new staff to the foundations of wellbeing. We also work with leadership teams or steering committees in a consultancy capacity to embed wellbeing practices into classrooms and beyond, and offer individual PD sessions, workshops and programs that help teachers in guiding their students towards their most meaningful lives.

Want to know more? Our services are uniquely tailored to best suit the needs of the schools we work with, so get in contact with us to discuss how we can help your school and wider community to thrive through purpose.


posify your parenting

Everyone wants to know “the secret to success”. Even more so, we want to pass it on to our kids. If we could find a way to bottle the magic ingredient, we probably would. But with a rapidly changing job market and a planet that really needs our help, raising successful kids in the 21st century is a complicated gig! Enter our Parent Education Sessions and Individual Coaching services. Whether you are a Parent Association looking for speakers at your next event, a school looking for ways to better collaborate with parents on student success, or an individual parent seeking support for your unique situation, we can help provide you with the knowledge, skills and toolkit required to help your young ones thrive. Contact us to make an enquiry or booking today.


posify your life

Whether it be navigating the teenage years, moving on from school days into adulthood, feeling stuck & demotivated at work, or exploring a new purpose-journey, life transitions can be difficult to navigate. We offer one-to-one coaching sessions, both face-to-face and online, to guide individuals through the process of change, drawing on the science of happiness to arm our clients with the tools and strategies that best suit their lifestyle and goals. Get in touch with us to find out how purpose coaching can help you positively infuse more purpose into your work, home and life.


posify your workplace

Research shows that employees fuelled by purpose feel more satisfied in their work, are happier and are ultimately more productive. We offer our expertise in the field of positive psychology to help drive thriving working communities. Whether it be through a team development day, a workshop, employee coaching, leadership collaboration or ongoing consultancy work, get in touch today to see how we can work with you to help move your team or organisation from functioning to thriving.

 Courtesy of Lindsay Mollar Productions

Courtesy of Lindsay Mollar Productions

posify your event

We love any opportunity to share the science and practical strategies of living a life of purpose!

Our past speaking events include the PESA Vic Chapter Conference, The Luminosity Youth Summit and #Litfest2444

So if you have a conference, summit, symposium or other event coming up,  chat to us about the keynotes, masterclasses and workshops we can offer according to your needs.

And yes, we do travel!