Posify Your School

Drawing on the science of positive psychology & education, we support school communities to thrive. When a whole system is flourishing, everyone within it is best positioned to thrive. We work across three main group in schools: Students, Staff and Parents. In addition, we can be hired to facilitate appreciative inquiry summits bringing the whole school community to identify strengths and set goals for positive change into the future.


While we recognise the wonderful work that already happens in schools to foster purpose and wellbeing, we find students often get excited when outside facilitators come in to run a workshop or program. Our direct work with students occurs in several forms, from short presentations across 1-2 lessons, full day workshops and term-long projects. Whatever your needs and budget, we can tailor a service offering that ignites passion, purpose, and engagement in your students. Popular topic areas include study skills, career development, stress and time management, leadership skills, communication skills and fostering positive relationships.

Staff Professional Development:

Using a strengths-based approach, we work with leadership to understand your school's current goals and achievements, offering professional development that meets you at your current journey of positive education, whether we're assisting to kick-start it with our NESA endorsed Introduction to Positive Education, fostering existing skills in strengths-based teaching or exploring new avenues that posify your classrooms and school community. We also offer ongoing consultancy, coaching and coach-the-coach programs to empower your leaders, teachers and support staff to lead the way in a flourishing community.


Everyone wants to know “the secret to success”. Even more so, we want to pass it on to our kids. If we could find a way to bottle the magic ingredient, we probably would! But with a rapidly changing job market and a planet that really needs our help, helping our children move into a "successful" life can seem overwhelming for parents. And juggling so many different demands that exist in a 21st century teenager's life is just downright hard. From parent information evening talks to interactive workshops and parent retreats, we bring the latest knowledge in the science of happiness together with an understanding of the future job market to arm parents with skills and strategies to support their children to thrive. As parents ourselves, we also recognise that 21st century parenting can take its toll on our own wellbeing, so we also offer workshops to develop your own wellbeing and connect  you with or reignite your own unique purpose.


Programs Include:

Student Workshops & Programs:

  • Project You: Finding Your Why
  • From Stress To Success
  • Play to Your Strengths
  • Speak Up: Assertive Communication
  • Your Voice: Communicate Your Ideas
  • Stand Up and Lead: Stepping into Leadership
  • Lion Ladies: Empowering Female Leaders
  • Self Compassion: A Tool for Success
  • Fostering Positive Relationships.

Staff Professional Development:

  • Intro to Positive Education (NESA endorsed)
  • Posify Your Programming
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Building a Strengths-Based Community
  • Fostering Purpose in Your Students
  • Self Compassion: A Tool for Teachers
  • You Matter: Finding Purpose in Teaching

Parent Workshops:

  • Posify Your Parenting: A Strengths Approach
  • Managing Transition Ages
  • Redefining Success: 21st Century Approach
  • Self Compassion: A Tool for Parents

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