Posify your life

Cut through the overwhelm and get back to the things that matter most. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, a high flying corporate executive or a solopreneur inspired to impact the world, learning practical skills from the science of what makes for a meaningful life can dramatically upgrade your living.

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Posify your school​

We empower young people with the knowledge and skills they need to become emotionally intelligent and purpose driven adults. It takes a village to raise a child, so our programs, workshops and consulting services take a systems based approach to sharing cutting-edge research and practical strategies with students, their teachers and families for a thriving life in the 21st Century. From tiny tots to University students, we’ve got the next generation covered when it comes to building a life they’re proud of.

Our current programs include:

  • The Purpose Passport:
    Programs available from pre-school through to emerging adulthood
  • Leaders of Tomorrow:
    Programs available from upper primary to university
  • Health and Happiness:
    Practical skills to boost optimism and wellbeing
    Programs available from pre-school through to emerging adulthood
  • From Stress to Success:
    Building resilient youth with a little self care and a lot of courage
    Programs available from upper primary through to emerging adulthood

Posify your workplace​

Our in-house learning and development programs, people and culture programs and leadership consulting services help organisations to infuse more meaning into their workplaces. We share cutting edge findings from the fields of neuroscience, biomedicine and positive psychology and help staff turn their insights into action with practical evidence based strategies.

Our clients know their people drive their business, and work hard to ensure a foundation of trust built on psychological safety exists across every layer of their business. This provides them with a strong and reliable platform form which to upgrade their people’s resilience, play, creativity, innovation and purpose.

Unlike other workplace wellbeing providers, we don’t say goodbye once our facilitator leaves. The door to The Posify Group is always open, and we welcome the ongoing contribution of your organisation’s people in our community that believes in building meaningful lives. Your staff have the opportunity to turn their insights on the value of purpose and meaning into action, by contributing their skills, strengths and values as Impact Influencers for the Purpose Passport Program, a youth based education program that empowers young people, their families and schools with knowledge and skills they need to grow into resilient, emotionally intelligent and purpose driven adults. In addition, we welcome partnership opportunities with organisations who share our big, audacious goal to connect young people to big hearts around the world, so they can be inspired to craft their own meaningful lives and careers.

We take a considered approach, and work first to identify your organisation’s overarching purpose, and then provide program offerings that foster individuals’ strength and skill sets, which uniquely contribute to optimal performance for your organisation. Click below to start the conversation on how we can partner with you to drive a thriving workplace that drives meaningful culture and results!

Partner with Us

Want to support our mission to bridge the gap between education and employment for our youth, turning young bright minds into future talent? Get in touch to learn about our Posify Partnership programs, where you can drive more meaning in your workplace while supporting the programs we offer in schools to drive flourishing futures for our youth.