What We Do

Drawing on the science of happiness and wellbeing, we unpack the practical ways individuals can craft their own purpose projects, whilst gaining skills to improve their wellbeing and boost their optimism.

The Posify Group deliver face to face workshops, events, keynotes and coaching to assist individuals, schools and organisations discover and utilize their unique purpose by applying evidence-based interventions grounded in the science of positive psychology. We promise a handcrafted experience tailored to the individual well-being needs of those we work with.



Whether it be navigating the teenage years, moving on from school days into adulthood, or exploring a new purpose-journey, life transitions can be difficult to navigate. We offer one-to-one coaching sessions, both face-to-face and online, to guide individuals through the process of change, drawing on the science of happiness to arm our clients with the tools and strategies that best suit their lifestyle and goals.

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schools & parents

Drawing on the science of positive psychology & education, we support school communities to thrive. When a whole system is flourishing, everyone within it is best positioned to thrive. So our work in schools supports not only the students, but the whole school community. From NESA endorsed PD, to incursions and parent information sessions, our sercices bring curriculum and wellbeing together to infuse purpose and happiness into schools.

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Our workplace workshops, strategic planning sessions and individual coaching assist workplaces to identify their overarching organisational purpose, and foster individuals’ strengths and skills, which uniquely contribute to optimal performance. Proposing new views on what business success looks like in the 21st century, we work with organisations to develop and apply practical strategies in workplavce flourishing.