Mariane Power

A former theatre maker turned strengths based coach, Mariane has over 15 years experience in individual consulting, group facilitation and corporate training for personal and strategic growth. Combining her passion for storytelling and curiosity about human behaviour, her work seeks to recognise struggles, celebrate strengths and promote optimal well-being, and she has a particular interest in promoting the healthy development of young people, to ensure our next generation thrive.

A current student of Newcastle University’s Masters of Clinical Psychology program, Mariane is conducting her research in the field of Positive Psychology, investigating conditions under which young people flourish. Her clinical training has seen her work therapeutically with individuals across a range of contexts, from community mental health systems for children and adults, to primary, secondary and tertiary educational settings.

Core to Mariane’s own purpose is supporting community culture. Mariane is heavily involved with local youth initiatives, including The Luminosity Summit, and supports social ventures and community groups that promote evidence based strategies for health optimisation. In October 2018, Mariane will travel to Cambodia with Project Gen Z, heading up the research into the benefits of their Dare to Dream workshops at Sunrise, Cambodia. Alongside her work at the Posify Group, Mariane is proud to sit on the board of Impact Leaders for Ambisie, a for-profit for-purpose organisation committed to inspiring the next generation.

Jenna O'Connell

Jenna thrives on creativity, curiosity and play, and is passionate about the positive impact these activities can have on wellbeing, academic achievement and career success. Jenna’s background sees an amalgam of over a decade in the corporate and education sectors across roles such as coach, consultant, facilitator, and teacher. As a K-12 Educator and Career Consultant, Jenna is driven to help individuals connect with their purpose and lean into their most meaningful life. She revels in opportunities that expose students to unique ways of learning, focusing on infusing purpose and relevance into educational activities.

Jenna’s personal purpose is underpinned by her dream for a world in which everyone has access to quality education (Global Goal 4) and the opportunity to thrive. In pursuing this purpose, she has contributed to various projects and initiatives including initiation of youth project Cards For Change, The Luminosity Youth Summit, and Posify’s current campaign, Coaching for Cambodia. Jenna is also a proud ambassador of #Litfest2444; a festival that aims to break the mould of creativity and connect young minds with conventional and out of box avenues for sharing their stories.